Geneva 2019: Subaru E-Boxer Set For European Introduction

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Geneva 2019: Subaru E-Boxer Set For European Introduction

Subaru has just released a new landing page on their European website that announces the introduction of the e-Boxer powertrain at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

To recap, Subaru’s e-Boxer hybrid powertrain features the FB20 2.0-litre boxer engine with outputs of 145 PS / 188 Nm paired with a 13.6 PS / 65 Nm electric motor that is mounted after the Lineartronic CVT.

The design and setup of the compact electric motor and CVT-type transmission allow the e-Boxer to start-off on all four wheels without firing the combustion engine, commonly known as E.V. mode.

A compact lithium-ion battery is placed in the luggage area, taking up very little space. As per usual hybrid systems, the battery self-charges under braking (regenerative braking) or during cruising. Earlier last month, Motor Image previewed the Subaru Forester e-Boxer at the Singapore Motor Show.

In Japan, the e-Boxer is available in the XV model and the Forester model. The XV e-Boxer returns a fuel consumption of 15.0 km/L under WLTP combined test procedure, while the larger Forester e-Boxer returns 14.0 km/L.

For comparison, a Mazda CX-5 2.0 6-AT delivers 12.9 km/L under the same test procedure.

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