Subaru Thailand Hopes To Introduce A Salvo Of CKD SUV Models By 2021

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Subaru Thailand Hopes To Introduce A Salvo Of CKD SUV Models By 2021

Motor Image Subaru (Thailand) plans to have four locally-assembled SUV models priced within the THB 1-2 million range by 2021, reports The Bangkok Post.

Quoting sources familiar with Subaru’s product strategy, the brand will leverage off its new factory operations in Lad Krabang, Bangkok to improve its supply chain and lower vehicle prices in an effort to pinch away sales of established SUV models from Honda and Toyota.

Seven-seater Subaru Ascent

In addition to the Forester (which is produced in Thailand), models eyed for local assembly are the XV (which is currently exported from Malaysia), the Ascent (only produced in the US), and the Outback crossover (currently imported from Japan).

However, brand shapers like the BRZ and WRX sedan will continue to be imported from Japan.

Bangkok Post also reports that the Forester e-Boxer is also being considered for local assembly to rival the Nissan X-Trail Hybrid.

Likewise, Subaru hopes to pull away sales of seven-seater SUVs such as the Toyota Fortuner with the Ascent, which given its monocoque body architecture, promises better driving dynamics. However, since the first-generation Ascent has already been on sale in the US for two years, adapting the model specifically for the right-hand drive Thai-market could likely only take place when the model is facelifted, or the second generation model is introduced.

All four SUVs are based on variations of Subaru’s Global Platform (SGP) hence adapting different models for local assembly is made more straightforward.

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