Google Maps vs Waze - Which is better?


Google Maps vs Waze - Which is better?

Which is better between Google Maps and Waze? What are the major differences? Which one do most people use?

Typically when driving, many people will rely on applications such as Waze or Google Maps to reach their destinations. It makes navigation easier for those who do not know the roads, plus a lot of information can also be obtained about traffic conditions up ahead.

Waze or Google Maps in Malaysia

When Google bought Waze in 2013 for nearly USD1 billion, many users thought it was the end for the Israeli mapping service. But this has turned out to be not the case. Instead, Waze was allowed to continue to co-exist with Google Maps. This does still beg the question. Which is better between Google Maps and Waze

Since motorists can use either app, we often questioned which navigation app Malaysian motorists prefer? And do they prefer one over the other because it is better? Or is it just a case of preference?

To get some clarity, we had to do two things. First, we ran a poll on CarTell to find out which one people prefer, and second, we explored the significant differences between the two navigation apps.

Google Maps in MalaysiaGoogle Maps

Between the two, Google Maps is the more professional-looking app. It has a minimalist interface, is easy to understand and navigate the system, and is pretty intuitive to use. It's perfect for those of you who plan ahead and often visit new and unknown places as it gives you the ability to map out your journey. 

Google Maps navigation in Kuala Lumpur

One of the advantages of Google Maps is that it runs smoothly on older Android devices and that you can use the application without having a data connection (you can download the map).

Google Maps is also great for all types of vehicles as the application is not exclusive to cars as it can provide routes for pedestrians, cyclists, and even public transportation.

Waze or Goggle Maps for navigation


For those who prefer a more animated experience, Waze is the perfect navigation app for them. It has a fun feeling to it and really is a community-driven app. 

One of Waze's biggest advantages is its current traffic reports where users submit reports on accidents, construction zones, hazards such as potholes, floods, or even accidents. Waze will then proceed to automatically update your route to avoid these congestions based on reports.

Waze navigation app Malaysia

When using the app, you can enter information such as the type of vehicle being driven, your fuel type, and the option to avoid toll roads.

One of the disadvantages of Waze is that it is a driving-only app - hence not applicable for pedestrians, cyclists, or public transportation users, unlike Google Maps.

CarTellWhich one did our community choose?

Based on votes by members of CarTell, the majority of them use Waze more than Google Maps. As many as 62.5% chose Waze compared to Google Maps, with only 37.5% choosing the latter. Personally, I'm not really surprised by the findings because I have always been under the impression that more people use Waze. My immediate and extended family use Waze including my elderly parents. Come to think of it, I don't recall anyone I know that uses Google Maps for navigation. Do you?

So which one is better? Google Maps or Waze? 

Since the same company owns both navigation apps, they share mapping data that gives them almost the same capabilities. We have come to the conclusion that the major differences are that the apps have different target users, and which suits you also determines the type of navigation experience you want.

Waze is a good navigation app for daily use as its community provides live time traffic updates for road conditions which are especially handy in Malaysia. It helps keep other road users aware of accidents, banjir or floods, bad traffic conditions, or even roadblocks. Google Maps, on the other hand, is perfect for long trips on the weekends where adventure and leisure beckon, simply because you can get more information such as hotels, restaurants, places to visit, and nearby attractions - that is even ranked by the community.  

Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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