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GrabProtect For Malaysia

When COVID-19 struck and it struck us hard, we were all left feeling helpless and hopeless. The days ahead looked challenging. Being locked at home, unable to meet our friends at our favorite cendol joint, eat our favorite mamak mee goreng or even visit our favorite cafes for our daily dose of coffee left many of us feeling blue.  

When we were gradually allowed to begin moving again but were afraid of taking public transport due to the risk of transmission, Grab came up with GrabProtect, a six-step comprehensive guide for drivers and passengers to be as safe as possible during their rides. 

Face masks were made mandatory for both driver and passenger. Grab also rolled out an in-app online health and hygiene declaration form that had to be filled up daily by drivers before beginning their rides. Passengers were also required to fill up this form before beginning their ride. As an added measure passengers and drivers were allowed the flexibility of cancelling a ride should either party not be wearing a mask. All steps to ensure that we #RideItOutBersama. 

During the initial phase of the MCO, Grab, in collaboration with Lifebuoy and Cif provided active drivers with hygiene kits (hand sanitisers and disinfectant sprays) to keep their vehicles clean and safe for passengers during rides. Starting September 7, these hygiene kits will come guaranteed on all GrabCar Plus, Premium or Exec vehicles. 

 GrabProtect’s initiative has allowed us the mobility to move around while at the same time keeping us safe. It is an initiative that has not gone unnoticed by passengers as evidenced by the few we spoke to below:

 “Even during this pandemic, I feel safe riding with Grab. The drivers followed the safety measures by wearing masks and providing hand sanitiser in the vehicles. Some drivers even display their My Sejahtera status to prove they are not exposed to COVID-19 risk. I’ll continue to take Grab when going out for grocery shopping and to work.” - Sabrina, 27

 “Grab really saved my life when my car broke down during the RMCO and I needed to go to the office, meet with clients and even meet my friends for dinner outside especially after being unable to meet face to face for about four months. I feel safe when taking Grab as the drivers are wearing a mask throughout the ride, the sanitiser is put in the middle of the vehicle and GrabPay contactless payment. “ - Boey, 32

 “It’s easy oftentimes to forget what a big role GrabCar has played in our new normal ever since the MCO and now RMCO. I can only say thank you to all the Grabcar drivers. Never once did I feel unsafe in a Grabcar. All the SOP’s were followed. More than one driver asked if I was comfortable especially with my mask on, offering to open the window for better circulation. It’s the small things really that they do so well.” - Arvind, 35

Go forth and travel safe in this new normal! #GrabJagaKita #RideItOutBersama

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