Grab Cancellations Can Cost You Between RM 3 And RM 5

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Grab Cancellations Can Cost You Between RM 3 And RM 5

If you have a habit of cancelling on your Grab drivers, it's time to stop. Yes, we know it can be a little frustrating when a driver's quite a ways away or manages to miss your turnoff entirely on the way to your pickup spot, but Grab is giving you a five minute window to cancel a ride, starting from when you are matched with a driver. If you choose to cancel a ride after this five minute grace period, you can be charged between RM 3 and RM 5 depending on which Grab service you booked.

In addition to this, if you're late to your ride, drivers have the option to cancel your trip as well. This threshold is three minutes for GrabShare rides, and five minutes for the regular Grab services. The cancellation fees are the same RM 3 to RM 5, as shown by the table above. 

Not all is lost, however. If it's been over 10 minutes from your driver's initial ETA and he or she still hasn't turned up, there is a waiver for the cancellation fees. For those who are paying in cash, the cancellation fees are added to the next Grab ride, while those who use Grab credits will automatically have the cancellation fee deducted.

Grab expects this new fee system to affect less than 1% of customers as rarely do they have customers cancelling after a trip has been booked. In addition to this, 100% of the money from the cancellation will go to the driver, to compensate them for their movement and time. 

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