Haval’s Freedom From GST Promotion Offers Savings Up To RM7,300

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Haval’s Freedom From GST Promotion Offers Savings Up To RM7,300

In conjunction with the upcoming National Day and the final month of the tax-free holiday period (zero-rated GST), Go Auto Sales Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor for Haval SUVs in Malaysia announced its promotions which will be available at all showrooms nationwide.

The promotion, which will be available throughout the month of August, offers buyers the savings from the deduction from the zero-rated GST as well as rebates ranging from RM500 to RM1,500.

The compact H1 SUV can be had with a savings of up to RM6,600, while the larger and more powerful H2 entitles buyers savings of up to RM7,300.

“Being the final month for our customers to enjoy the zero-rated GST before the introduction of Sales & Service Tax (SST), Go Auto takes the opportunity to add-on from the existing tax holiday with the current promotion. This month, as part of the Independence Day - where Malaysians celebrate kemerdekaan, our promotional theme seems to be apt as we celebrate Malaysia’s special day. Aside from that, the Company definitely hopes to continue giving Malaysians the opportunity to own SUVs at competitive prices,” said Executive Director of Go Auto Group, Dato’ SM Azli SM Nasimuddin Kamal.

“We will be having our Haval mall roadshow at The Curve Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya this weekend (9th to 12th) and I invite everyone to see our SUVs and enjoy our current offerings in addition to the fun-filled activities we have prepared. I am confident our range of SUVs can certainly meet customers’ needs,” Dato’ Azli added.

Learn more about the Haval H1 and Haval H2 here. 

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