Isuzu Malaysia Delivers 141 Vehicles To City-Link Express, Including Five Giga Prime Movers

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Isuzu Malaysia Delivers 141 Vehicles To City-Link Express, Including Five Giga Prime Movers

City-Link Express began using Isuzu vehicles for their courier service back in 2011. Fast forward to October 2018, Isuzu Malaysia and City-Link Express held a handover ceremony to commemorate the official handover of a new fleet of Isuzu vehicles, this time, over 140 units!

In total, City-Link Express will add 128 units of ELF 4-wheeler, eight units of ELF 6-wheeler and five units of the GIGA model. With the company pushing for growth expansion, this marks the first time City-Link Express is adding the Isuzu GIGA Prime Mover Trucks into its operation fleet, as these vehicles will be used for long distance deliveries and long-haul usages.

During the ceremony, Koji Nakamura, CEO of Isuzu Malaysia, took the opportunity to express his gratitude and appreciation to City-Link Express for their continuous support for Isuzu Malaysia and its range of durable and economical trucks. He is confident that the Isuzu trucks recently delivered will be a vital force for City-Link Express to achieve their company’s long-term business objectives and overall mission accordingly.

To commemorate the handover, Nakamura presented a symbolic mock key, a special banner and an F-series scale model truck to the Founder and Executive Chairman of City-Link Express, Dato’ David Tan. Also in attendance was City-Link Express’ Chief Executive Officer, Ronald Tan, and Sales Manager, Colin Tan. After the ceremony, guests were brought on a tour around the City-Link facility.

Due to both companies’ established partnership, Isuzu Malaysia will carry out training sessions for the drivers on product knowledge and basic maintenance of the GIGA model. These sessions are expected to provide attendees with vital knowledge and understanding of the key features of the model while achieving economic and safe driving.

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