Japanese Market 2018 Honda Civic To Receive Eight-Speed DCT

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Japanese Market 2018 Honda Civic To Receive Eight-Speed DCT

During Honda Meeting 2017 that happened last week, the company showcased some interesting models, including what Honda calls "Dynamic Study", which is based on the current Honda Civic.

According to Honda, the biggest change under the hood is the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), replacing the Civic's continuously variable transmission (CVT). The combination of the 1.5-litre VTEC Turbo and eight-speed DCT is similar to that of the China-market Acura CDX. 

Expected to be released in the Japanese market later this year as a 2018 model, the eight-speed DCT boasts a physical size of a regular five-speed torque converter automatic transmission. Compared to regular torque converter automatics, the eight-speed DCT is able to achieve a 15% improvement in power delivery and 8% more fuel efficient. To add a tinge of sportiness, the DCT is able rev-match upon downshifting when S mode is selected. 

Underneath, Honda engineers have reworked the rear subframe of the Civic. New for the "Dynamic Study" model is the high rigidity rear subframe, which is able to balance between handling and ride comfort. Bending stiffness of the body is now 57% stiffer and torsional strength is 25% stiffer than the current Civic. On top of that, steering response and brake pedal have been recalibrated. All these improvements are trickled down from what the engineers learnt whilst developing the hotter Civic Type R.

Photo credit: Car Watch

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