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Land Rover Discovery Sport Diesel Now Available, RM 450,000

Aswan August 16, 2016 02:32

If you've ever wanted a Discovery Sport but had dismayed at the lack of diesel variant, Jaguar Land Rover (Malaysia) has some good news for you. The Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.2L SD4 joins its petrol brethren to complete the lineup. The powertrain in this variant has 190 PS and 420 Nm on tap, paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission that naturally delivers power to all four wheels. 

Pricing is set at RM 450,000- exclusive of road-tax and insurance. For the money, you also get an 5-year or 150,000 kilometre warranty, 5-year or 80,000 kilometre free service plan, and a 3-year roadside assistance program. These are all huge value adders for the Discovery Sport, allowing you to put it through the tough conditions it was designed for without worry of component failure. 

It also comes with the features that Land Rover has become known for- things such as the Terrain Response System and the full suite of electronic safety systems that make cars like this more versatile in a larger variety of situations. Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia will be hosting special Weekend Showroom Sales on August 20 and 21, 2016.

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