Lestari Perdana, Seri Kembangan Landslip - Can The Car Owners Claim Compensation?

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Lestari Perdana, Seri Kembangan Landslip - Can The Car Owners Claim Compensation?

Five vehicles fell victim to a landslip in Serdang yesterday - but can they claim compensation and if so who can they claim it from?

As most of us were settling in for the evening, five car owners in Serdang were the victim of some bad luck yesterday, as their cars were damaged due to a landslip at LP 1A/2 Lestari Perdana.

Serdang Landslip

The incident which occurred around 6.30 pm, saw the ground beneath the cliff giving way, which then saw a bunch of parked cars falling into the drain at the bottom of the cliff.

According to Assistant Superintendent of the Serdang Fire and Rescue station Saharudin Abdul Razak, no casualties were reported. He added that the landslip was caused by rain, which saw a drain burst.

"Following that, the area was cordoned off to the public before the matter was handed over to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council for further action," he told Bernama.

Serdang Landslip compensation

Now, for those wondering if the car owners will be compensated, the simple answer is yes - if they have special perils on their insurance that cover them against natural disasters. The coverage usually provides insurance cover against landslides and floods.

For those who don't, it will be a lot tougher to get compensation, as it will wholly depend on the investigation and subsequent report from the incident.

If it is claimed that the incident is classified as a natural disaster, it will be hard to make a claim against any parties as it is out of anyone's control. 

Source: WA

If it is found, however, that certain parties have not kept to their end of the bargain and neglected maintenance of the drain or the road (for example), then they can be held liable for damages caused. Likewise, suppose it is found that the developer, surveyor or municipal council has approved the development without considering specific geological safety aspects, they too can be named as parties liable for damages. 

Yes, you can get compensation if you do not have special perils on your insurance, but it will be a long-drawn-out process that will take a lot of patience as it can drag out for many years in court. 

With this in mind, it's just best to add special perils to your vehicle insurance, as it will probably save you from a lot of heartache and funds. 

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