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Mazda Shows How Its Smart City Brake Reacts Faster Than Stunt Drivers

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Mazda Shows How Its Smart City Brake Reacts Faster Than Stunt Drivers

Car adverts can be rather predictable, but the ones that stimulate the mind, trigger our buying nerves, and is even inject a touch of humour, those are the ones we remember - they’re the only ones worth broadcasting, actually.

Mazda has come up with one such advert. It starts off with a somewhat familiar set up: some helmeted stunt drivers suit up and climb into their fleet of CX-5s. They proceed to drive, very impressively, in synchronous formation, crafting patterns and coming close together but never making contact.

So far, typical fare for automakers wanting to emphasize their car’s dynamic capabilities – like Mazda.

It’s all going well, until the stunt driver in the lead CX-5 goes through something we’ve all experienced, sneezing while behind the wheel. We have no control over that second and a half, our eyes close involuntarily and we have to hope for the best.

In that nasal spasm, the driver brakes. That wasn’t part of the plan, and the other drivers who were caught off-guard are too close to react in time.

Luckily, a safety feature built into the compact crossover senses the impending collision and brakes hard  in the nick of time, saving those six cars from a front/rear bumper replacement, or worse. 


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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