MCO 3.0: Inter-District Travel Ban Now Nationwide - May 10 Until June 6

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MCO 3.0: Inter-District Travel Ban Now Nationwide - May 10 Until June 6

In yet another development, the inter-district travel ban has been extended nationwide, beginning from May 10 until June 6. 

This was announced by Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob yesterday. According to him, only those with police permission were allowed to cross district and state lines. 

All social, education and economic activities involving large groups of people are also banned during said period. 

MCO 3.0 Ismail Sabri Inter-district travel ban nationwide

"However, this decision will be reviewed after two weeks," added Ismail Sabri.

This has caused more uncertainty and confusion among the rakyat, especially since it was announced on a Saturday. If police permits are required for work the coming Monday, is it realistic to expect all employees who need to travel across state or district lines to have it ready?  

However, a Defence Ministry official has clarified that employees that need to cross state lines for work purposes only need to produce a letter from their company. Further checks on MITIMalaysia's Facebook page confirms that one should only need to produce a letter from your employee for work purposes. 

MCO 3.0 Permit Polis

MCO 3.0 Kebenaran rentas daerah

Whether or not that remains the case at the SJR's or roadblocks remains to be seen. 

The MCO 3.0 has now also been extended across more districts in the states of Pahang and Penang. Kuantan in Pahang is now under the MCO 3.0. Three districts in Penang (Timur Laut, Seberang Perai Tengah, Seberang Perai Selatan) and three sub-districts (Mukim 12, Barat Daya, Butterworth, and Mukim 14) are also under MCO from May 10-23. 

Below are some graphics taken from MITI's social media channels that might help clarify any questions you may have. 


Please bear in mind to also check your cars especially now given the constant short distance and start-stop nature of driving we're doing. We've outlined some checks you can perform yourself here

Above all else, drive safe, stay safe, be patient and please bear in mind our men in uniform are only doing what they're doing in order to help us stay as safe as possible. 

*Cover image credit to @nadiafernz on Twitter

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