Mercedes-Benz C350e Fails The Moose Test

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Mercedes-Benz C350e Fails The Moose Test

Moose test Mercedes C 350 e (Hybrid) 2015 [Poor result]

The famous Moose Test (also known as Elk Test) that marred the first generation A-Class, has returned with what seems to be the C350e Plug-In Hybrid failing it rather dramatically. 

A bit of history, the Moose Test is conducted by Teknikens Varld to know whether a car has the ability to avoid a sudden trespassing Moose, as it is a rather common sight in Sweden.

The logic then applies whereby a good and safe car should be able to steer clear of such sudden dangers, in other words, a car's handling ability also contributes greatly to safety.

And to apply towards our context in Malaysia, think of it as a buffalo, except the fact that a Moose is probably much larger. 

Note: Rest assured this is the C350e Plug-In Hybrid that is not available for sale in Malaysia. 

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