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New 'Baby Tesla' Model 2 will be fully autonomous?

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New 'Baby Tesla' Model 2 will be fully autonomous?

It looks like the rumoured Tesla Model 2 will be a fully autonomous vehicle. Well, almost.

According to CarBuzz, the upcoming 'baby Tesla' (also rumoured to be called the Model 2) will not only come with an affordable price tag of $25,000 (around RM112k) but also be used as an autonomous vehicle once it is launched.

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An affordable EV that can basically drive itself is indeed an idea that is worth millions, but with the infamous Tesla's Full-Self Driving currently enrolled in a safety recall program, the new Tesla Model 2 will have its work cut out in order to turn this into a safe reality in the future.

tesla model 2 spy shot

Elon Musk himself has stated in the recent past that Tesla's Full-Self Driving suite has been evolving over the years, and it should be at the stage where it can be trusted to run a fully autonomous vehicle. But, words can change fast. Musk once said that they're not interested in producing 'entry-level EVs'.

The proposed Tesla Model 2 is the exact opposite of that with plans to deploy the brand's next-generation platform that is said to be cheaper to produce and therefore, cheaper to buy. It also carries the potential of generating income for owners in the future if used as autonomous taxis. Driverless e-hailing, anyone?


Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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