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New Law On Window Tinting Gazetted

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New Law On Window Tinting Gazetted

Earlier last year, Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (JPJ) was reportedly said to be proposing a new law on window tinting for cars, which will see a relaxation on the minimum Visible Light Transmission (VLT) from the current 50 percent for the rear windows and rear windscreen, to 30 percent. Not much has happened since then and since the new ruling was never gazetted, it cannot be considered legal.

As of today, JPJ’s website still states the old law of 50 percent VLT for the rear section of the car – “Rule 5 (1) and Rule 5 (3) of the 2000 Amendment of the Motor Vehicle Rules (Prohibition on Specific Types of Glass) set the translucence level of the windshield at no less than 70% and the rear and side windows at no less than 50%.”

However has just learned that the new law allowing 30 percent VLT on the rear section of the car was gazetted by the Ministry of Transport on 6-February 2016, and JPJ is expected to make an announcement on the matter soon.

Update: The Ministry of Transport has confirmed the new law has been gazetted and will be enforced effective immediately, as reported by The Sun.

The new law, Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Certain Types of Glass) (Amendment) Rules 2016 now states the following requirements for minimum visible light transmission (VLT):

  1. 70 percent VLT for front windscreen
  2. 50 percent VLT for front side windows
  3. 30 percent VLT for rear side windows and rear windscreen

The penalty for flouting the law has also been raised. Previously, first-time offenders can be fined of up to RM 500 or risk a two-week jail sentence, while subsequent offenders will be slapped with a 1000 fine, or a one-month jail sentence, or both.

The new law will see the maximum fine raised to RM2,000, or a six-month jail sentence for first-time offenders, while subsequent offenders will be fined up to RM4,000, or 12-month jail sentence, or both.   

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