New Volvo V40 Comes Closer To Reality

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New Volvo V40 Comes Closer To Reality

It's well known that Volvo has been trying to fill in the gap that their 40 series hatchback vehicle left ever since they discontinued it eight months ago, and a couple of publications have rendered a picture of what said vehicle might look like.

Before we get to that, let's talk about the genesis of this rendering and how they might have come up with the idea of what the new V40 would look like. To be frank, no one knows whether the V40 will actually be a small family hatchback. With the current trend of turning everything into an SUV, the car that would replace the V40 might actually be a V40 with an SUV spin.

In 2016, Volvo had a press day where they unveiled the Volvo 40.1 and 40.2 concept cars. The 40.1 ended up being the XC40 and the 40.2 turning into a Polestar vehicle car called the Polestar 2. If the two concepts ever got together and produced an offling, then that vehicle would look like a V40 proportioned vehicle, so we think these publications have pictured the new V40 based on that theory.

According to AutoExpress, this is what the new V40 would look like because Volvo's European Boss, Lex Kerssemakers confirmed to them that the new V40 would be some sort of SUV. "Volvo could launch a "pseudo-SUV" as an indirect successor to the recently discontinued V40 hatchback, the company's European boss has confirmed to Auto Express".

DriveMag, an American automobile publication also came out with a similar-looking vehicle some time ago, and according to their artist, his rendering too was based on the concept vehicles. "As for the design, look no further than the Volvo Concept 40.2 unveiled in 2016. While that study was of a high-riding compact sedan, it's likely to have a significant influence on the second-generation V40, as Christian Schulte Design's rendering attests. Our artist turned the 40.2 study into a hatchback, and the illustration looks very plausible if you ask us".

They also mentioned that the new V40 would be underpinned by the CMA platform, meaning that we can expect the V40 to share powertrains and technologies with the XC40 which can be had in either a three or four-cylinder powertrain configuration. It's also interesting to note that the Geely Preface is also built on the CMA platform, a car that has been touted to be the next Proton Perdana.


If the new V40 is what everyone expects it to be, then the Mercedes GLA and BMW X2 will face stiff competition, because from what we can see from the rendering, the V40 would be a gorgeous little thing. If it also follows the platform and available powertrains that the XC40 has, the V40 would be lovely to drive too, because the XC40 is one car that we all love. Volvo's current design language can do no wrong at the moment as it has produced many pretty cars in recent years. 

We know we can't wait to see the real car because if it does end up looking like the renderings, then the Germans better beware!





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