Nissan X-Trail Receives Impul’s Mean Treatment And Lands In Malaysia Starting At RM150k

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Nissan X-Trail Receives Impul’s Mean Treatment And Lands In Malaysia Starting At RM150k

Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) has announced a new, meaner, and altogether more sporting variant to the common or garden variety Nissan X-Trail that’s on sale for Malaysian customers. IMPUL, the Japanese motorsports-oriented automotive aftermarket company with a strong penchant for Nissan cars, will give buyers X-Trail that extra kick in street cred’ to make them stand out. 

Dubbed Nissan X-Trail Tuned by IMPUL, to give it its full designation, the new and more aggressive variant are available in a choice of either 2.5L 4WD Premium IMPUL or 2.0L 2WD Premium IMPUL, priced at RM172,516 and RM149,715 respectively.

Before we detail the cosmetic alterations, it should be fairly mention that the IMPUL effect hasn’t been merely skin deep, as IMPUL Sports Springs have also fitted, which in addition to improving handling characteristics, has also meant a ride height reduction of 30mm and a lower centre of gravity.

Most prominently, the Nissan X-Trail Tuned by IMPUL receives exterior bits such as a newly designed front and rear bumper, spoilers, side skirts, and a set of all-new 18-inch IMPUL Aura SX-50 alloy wheels that have a unique two-tone chrome bronze and gloss black finish. There are additional door visors and LED stainless steel kick plates as well. 

Mr Tan Keng Meng, ETCM Director of Marketing and Product Planning, said the new Nissan X-Trail Tuned by IMPUL gives the Innovative Premium Crossover a dynamic new look that will capture the hearts of motorsports fans. “We are pleased to introduce this bold take on the ever popular Nissan X-Trail. The X-Trail has a strong following in Malaysia, and we believe that adding the IMPUL touch to the Nissan X-Trail not only heightens its appearance and driving dynamics, but this new look will also appeal to those wanting a sporty edge to their vehicle.”

Should it catch your fancy, existing customers of the all-new Nissan X-Trail may also choose to upgrade their vehicles to the IMPUL packages. For that, owners are encouraged to contact the IMPUL division at 03-4047 8786 or

Separately, owners can also purchase the package parts individually. Here's the breakdown:

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