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Official MG Cyberster design revealed in Chinese government filings. British roadsters reborn?

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Official MG Cyberster design revealed in Chinese government filings. British roadsters reborn?

Lekaed filings of MG's upcoming car have been revealed, and we're glad to see that MG is going back to making sportscars.

The revival of the MG brand under SAIC has been met with mixed reviews. 

On the one hand, SAIC has been successful in resurrecting the brand and introducing new models that appeal to a range of consumers, particularly in the Chinese market. 

On the other hand, some critics have expressed concerns that the new MG cars lack the same character and soul as the original British-made models.

MG Cyberster

Well, SAIC must have heard these critics and is trying to prove them wrong because if these leaked filings from the Chinese government are anything to go by, MG is on the verge of producing one of their most loved cars historically, a two-door roadster.

Autocar has brought to light these leaked filings of the MG Cybertser, their sleek soft-top two-seater sportscar. Of course, with everything these days, it's fully electric, hence the name Cyberster we suppose.

If we look at the pictures alone, there's definitely an impression that the Cyberster is a small sports car, but if its 4,535mm long, 1,913mm wide and 1,329mm high dimensions is anything to go by, it is much larger than the Mazda MX-5. Autocar also said it'd probably be slightly larger than the Porsche Boxster 718.

MG Cyberster rear view

There's also some details of the Cyberster's powertrain, where apparantly it will be offered in both single - and dual-motor specifications, with up to 536 hp.

With anything Electric vehicle, we should never expect it to be lightweight, and it's no different here as the Cyberster in its lightest form is still double the weight of the lightest Mazda MX-5.

The Cyberster will apparently be launched next year and we're glad that SAIC are making MG sportscars once again, as their most popular car in history is arguably the MG MGB.

Mg MGB 2023

The MGB was a two-door sports car produced from 1962 to 1980, and it quickly became popular with drivers and enthusiasts for its sporty performance, sleek design, and affordable price.

The MGB was available in both roadster and coupe versions and featured a sturdy body, responsive handling, and a powerful engine. The car was a huge success for MG, with over 500,000 units sold during its 18-year production run, and it remains a popular choice for classic car collectors and enthusiasts today.

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