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Paul Walker's Estate Sues Late Actor's Friend For Stealing His Cars

Gerard June 16, 2015 18:26

According to a report from The Guardian, it has been revealed that Paul Walker’s estate is suing Richard Taylor, the deceased actor’s friend for stealing at least seven cars that belonged to the Fast & Furious franchise star less than 24 hours after the actor died in a high-speed car accident back in 2013.

The vehicles which were reportedly taken by Taylor includes a 2008 BMW M3, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, 2004 GMC pickup truck, three 199 BMW M3s, and a 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. He had planned to conceal the location of the vehicles so as to convert them later for his own benefit.

Paul’s father William Walker stated in the suit that Richard Taylor used to help Paul maintain his extensive car collection which also included the white Toyota Supra seen in the end of the actor’s final movie, Furious 7. Legal documents state that within 24 hours of Paul’s fatal accident, Richard’s associates remove the vehicles from the late actor’s warehouse. The documents claimed that Richard refused to return the vehicles so he could extort money or other concessions from the estate.

For a tour of Paul Walker's car collection, check out the video below:


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