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Perodua Looking To Go Into Pre-Owned Vehicle Retail in 2017

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Perodua Looking To Go Into Pre-Owned Vehicle Retail in 2017

If you're looking to buy a new Perodua, you can usually get great trade-in value and that helps a great deal in mitigating the cost of a new car. But rarely do we think of where these cars go once we hand the keys over; not every brand has an existing system for selling pre-owned vehicles. In addition to this, you could only get high trade in value under their programs if you were purchasing a Perodua from one of their own outlets rather than one managed by a dealer.

This year, Perodua is looking to make some changes. In previous years, they would sell off these pre-owned vehicles wholesale to other used-car dealers, as they had no official outlet for retail. At their recent press conference and review of their performance through 2016, Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh made claims that they were looking into having their own retail system for these pre-owned vehicles. 

The main obstacles to the implementation of a proper retail outlet has been a lack of space and a lack of structure: the former is understandable as land space in the Klang Valley goes for a premium. The exact details of this new retail operation have yet to be confirmed, nor is it certain whether dealers will be allowed to contribute to the system, but Perodua is definitely making moves in this direction.

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