Perodua Myvi Sedan Slated To Arrive By 2017/18, Initial Details Shared

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Perodua Myvi Sedan Slated To Arrive By 2017/18, Initial Details Shared

Speaking at a special press conference, Perodua's president and CEO, Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh pretty much sounded out the arrival of the long-awaited Perodua Compact Sedan, also believed to be the Myvi Sedan. Yes, folks. It's coming.

It hasn't been easy for eager members of the media here to get any information out of the charismatic CEO, but he did share with us some initial details of the model, and has pretty much confirmed its arrival by 2018, at the very latest. End 2016 is believed to be a target, while 2017 is said to be a more reliable possibility.

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Having seen the GMS Buddyz Concept at the 2013 KLIMS show (pictured here), it’s really to no surprise that a Perodua sedan was on the way, but Perodua has been completely mum on the subject since.

Finally, we’ve got some juicy details for you.

For one, Datuk Aminar confirmed with us that a prototype already exists, and that it will once again be partnering with Japanese carmaker, Daihatsu, for the production of the vehicle. It is believed that Perodua will be leading the charge on this project, with Daihatsu overseeing its development.

Datuk Aminar was also adamant that the upper body design of the vehicle will be, from the ground up, Malaysian designed. The above images of the Buddyz Concept is the only image we have of a Perodua Sedan (albeit a concept), so do expect a vastly different exterior design to the above.

On its arrival time, Aminar teased, “It won’t be this year. It might be next year. It's even more likely the year after that. It’s definitely not by 2019 or 2020.” Which leaves us with a 2017 to 2018 time frame, from the cheeky CEO.

Safety is big on Perodua’s plans as well, with a 5-Star NCAP rating targeted by the national carmaker - it wasn't clearly stated which NCAP he was referring to, but it's most likely the ASEAN NCAP (ANCAP). And to achieve this, it looks like the car will naturally have to adopt some significant updates to what's available on the current Myvi hatchback – could Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), more airbags, and then on be on the cards?

In closing, Datuk Aminar reaffirmed, “It’s going to be a good car, but we don’t dare set too big targets for it just yet. We already have a prototype in testing, and we've had it for almost a year now. So given the natural time frame for the development of a vehicle (24 to 48 months, said Aminar), you will see it soon.”

Stay tuned for more new from for more news on the coming Perodua comact sedan.

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