Porsche Pajun EV Concept Coming To Frankfurt Motor Show?

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Porsche Pajun EV Concept Coming To Frankfurt Motor Show?

(Pictured here is the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo concept)

According to French automotive site L’Automobile Magazine, Porsche could very well unveil a new concept that serves as a preview for the upcoming Pajun or “Panamera junior” at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.


The report also say the Pajun concept will measure 4,800mm in length compared against the Panamera’s 5,020mm but will share a similar shape with the Panamera despite it being sized smaller.

The “Panamera junior” study project is said to be an EV powered by an all-electric powertrain which will most likely be offered when it makes way into production, rivalling the Tesla Model S. An expected driving range of 500km for the Pajun EV far exceeds that offered by the Model S’ 490km. Other powertrain options include those powered by diesel and petrol, with an e-hybrid option available is well.

As Porsche and Audi are part of the Volkswagen Group, the Pajun concept will be based on the MLB 2 modular longitudinal platform which is also used in the upcoming Audi Q6 as well.

At this time, no official renders or sketches of the Pajun have been put up by Porsche so we’ll have to wait till the Frankfurt Motor Show in September for more details.



My first impressions of a dream car should be a ridiculous top speed with physics defying cornering capabilities, namely the Ferraris, Paganis and what not. Deep down, I just want something that makes you feel special when you drive it, expensive or not.


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