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Porsche shows off 2024 Macan EV testing: 612PS/1000Nm and 500+km range from 100kW battery

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Porsche shows off 2024 Macan EV testing: 612PS/1000Nm and 500+km range from 100kW battery

A decade after its launch, Porsche is gearing up for the launch of a fully electric successor to the very popular Macan. Its imminent introduction also marks the debut of the Zuffenhausen’s marque’s new Premium Platform Electric (PPE).

The electric Macan relies on a100 kWh lithium-ion underbody battery (rather substantial relative to the vehicle size) with up to 95 kWh usable capacity.

Its 800-volt architecture, which the Taycan pioneered, enables high-speed charging at up to 270kW from a DC source that’s sufficiently powerful. In this ideal situation, refilling its reserves from 10 to 80 percent can be done in under 22 minutes. Meanwhile, it supports AC at up to 11kW.

The all-electric Macan features rear-focused all-wheel drive layout that utilises the latest generation of permanently-excited PSM (Permanently-excited Synchronous Machine) motors on both front and rear axles.

These dual motors provide Macan with up to 612PS (with overboost enabled) and over 1,00Nm of torque on tap, but the tech behind these motors were developed to emphasise efficiency and optimal max performance reproducibility.

Porsche Active Suspension Management system, coupled with its presumably standard air suspension hardware, and rear-axle steering contribute to this next-gen Macan’s formidable blend of agility and comfort.

Clearly, driving feel was heavily prioritised, as was steering feel and certain ‘Porsche’ dynamic characteristics during this Macan's gestation. Extensive testing, including over three and a half million test kilometres on various terrains, is testament to how much the automaker wants this new model fully baked (in the best sense) upon launch.

This strict evaluation regimen combined real-world trials with camouflaged prototypes and precise simulations in the virtual realm and wind tunnel. Jörg Kerner, Vice President of Product Line Macan, highlights the challenge of maintaining the Macan's identity while meeting aerodynamic demands for efficiency.

Collaboration between design and aerodynamics teams was vital to strike a balance between aesthetics and function. The result integrates Porsche's design DNA with aerodynamics for improved efficiency, he explains.

Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA) components, such as an extending rear spoiler and active cooling flaps, contribute to an impressive drag coefficient of 0.25, enhancing the new Macan's efficiency. The WLTP estimates the range to exceed 500km for all variants.

The global testing process covers extreme temperatures and conditions, ensuring the all-electric Macan's adaptability to diverse driving scenarios.

If the Macan emerges at its international premiere looking and feeling as impressive as the Taycan did back in 2019, we’ve got a lot to look forward to.


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Jim Kem

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