Porsche Teams Up With Manthey Racing To Take Back The Ring Record With a GT2 RS

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Porsche Teams Up With Manthey Racing To Take Back The Ring Record With a GT2 RS

Manthey Racing is a name that most Porsche-philes are familiar with, having competed in numerous race series around the world and being a solid technical support provider for non-works teams. With high-end manufacturers seeking to hold Nurburgring records, Porsche sent a GT2 RS to Manthey Racing for a couple of tweaks, resulting in the 911 GT2 RS MR and a new lap record.

In just 6 minutes and 40.3 seconds, the GT2 RS MR completed a lap of the infamous Green Hell, wresting the record title back from Lamborghini when they set a 6 minute 44.97 lap time with their Aventador SVJ earlier this year.

Being the fastest Porsche road-going 911 ever created, the GT2 RS was already a formidable beast – but with some tweaks to the suspension and aerodynamics, they managed to shave 7 seconds from the previous GT2 RS record title at 6 minutes 47.3 seconds.

Unfortunately, the records can be a little difficult to discern. Every manufacturer will add prefixes to their record title – for example, Honda quoting that their record was for front-wheel drive road cars, and the Panamera taking the four-door record – and this tie up with Manthey Racing means that while this is still a road-going car, it’s not a factory production car.

That being said, it could all change if Porsche were to offer the MR package as an official equipment option – in the same way that certain records are difficult to accept because they aren’t completed on dealer-offered tyres. Regardless of what you believe, it’s always interesting to see who is going to make a run for the next record.




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