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Proton To Release Four Special Edition Models!

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Proton To Release Four Special Edition Models!

2021 Special Black Edition Proton Persona, Exora, Saga, and Iriz set to be launched on the 18th February.

It's safe to say that the Proton X70 and X50 SUVs have been great additions to Proton's line-up, but just because they have a couple of new kids on the block, it doesn't mean they have forgotten about their pre-Geely partnership cars.

About 24 hours ago, Proton released a teaser video on their social media page showing snippets of the Proton Iriz, Exora, and Saga. The  video had an accompanying caption stating that "This year, we're introducing the PROTON Special Edition Models, comprising Intelligent vehicles with updated looks that take elegance and sleekness to new levels and are Specially Made For You!"

Although the teaser doesn't give away much, It seems the continuing rejuvenation at Proton is set to include the introduction of Special Edition versions of their older models as well as the resurrection of their motorsport and performance division moniker, R3.

2021 Proton Special Edition cars

Due to be introduced through an official virtual launch on 18 February, at 11:00 am, Proton will launch the Proton Exora Black Edition, Proton Persona Black Edition, Proton Iriz R3, and Proton Saga R3. 

While there are strong rumours that all of them are purely cosmetic upgrades, we're hoping Proton springs a surprise on the 18th, especially when it comes to the R3 Limited Edition cars. 

So far, from what we know, the Proton Saga R3 and Proton Iriz R3 will come in a black paint job with yellow accents across the body and interior for the R3 editions, but there are no clues as to whether these cars will get any hardware or software upgrades.

Proton Persona and Exora Black Edition

We're not expecting much from the Proton Exora Black Edition and Proton Persona Black Edition variants as it's clear from the teasers that these will be only cosmetic. 

Some industry insiders reckon that the R3 cars will come with some sort of chassis upgrade, so we're really praying that this is the case as it's about time we got some of that classic Proton ride and handling that we have all come to know and love. Are we just dreaming here or will it come true?

As far as prices for these special edition cars go, there are no clues to what they might be, but we're fairly certain they will be a bit more costly than the standard versions as below:

Proton Iriz, Persona, Exora and Saga Prices
Proton Saga RM32,800 - RM39,800
Proton Iriz RM36,700 - RM50,700
Proton Persona RM42,600 - RM54,600
Proton Exora RM59,800 - RM66,800

Question for you to ponder - is a purely cosmetic R3 variant an insult to the brand or is it fine? What do you think? 


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