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Proton To Launch New Model This Weekend @ Gegar AutoRIA Event?

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Proton To Launch New Model This Weekend @ Gegar AutoRIA Event?

Take a look at this promo graphic below that’s just popped up on Proton Edar’s website. See anything a bit curious about the materials for their coming Gegar AutoRIA event? Exactly. So what’s this mysterious “New Proton Model” they’re on about?

Having only just come across this, an answer from Proton will most likely to wait until the morning, or if they don’t get back to us at all, we’ll have to go find out for ourselves this coming weekend.

What could it be?

Well, your guess is as good as ours, honest. Traditionally, a new Proton model isn't likely to surface out of nowhere without the vehicle being spied at least a couple of times before, let alone some representative openly disclosing the information at some event or the other - it's just not been in Proton's style, of late. Here's a recap of how it went down with the Iriz's unveilling, from the first spyshots to full launch event.

The more likely outcome, instead, is that what Proton are referring to here could be a new variant of an existing model that we’ve yet to see. Anything from a Proton Iriz R3, to another SV (Super Value) base variant is a far more realistic possibility.

Further away from that reality, there is of course a Proton Iriz-based sedan that some have called the next-generation Saga, that has been rumoured to be the next new model from Proton. But we've yet to hear any updates about lately.

Amidst the hype of the Iriz’s unveiling many months ago, Proton also weren’t shy of telling the media that the Iriz’s platform could/would spawn a further electric, and hybrid, vehicle in the future. But again, we don’t think this is the time – though, we could be wrong.

One example of the Iriz’s all-new architecture being used for various models was previewed in the form of the Proton Iriz Active Concept (pictured up above) – a compact SUV for the B-segment which feature some very advanced styling and tech.

We’ll have to wait on an answer from Proton to officially confirm anything, so for now, do hang tight.

In any case, we’ll catch you at this weekend’s Gegar AutoRIA event, which kicks off on the 22nd of May (this Friday) and ends on the 24th of May (this Sunday). Unfortunately, this one’s happening a bit further away from the Klang Valley, more specifically at Dataran Tasik Sultan Abu Bakar, Pekan, Pahang.

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