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Puspakom’s Premier Services Brings Personalised Vehicle Inspection To Your Doorstep

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Puspakom’s Premier Services Brings Personalised Vehicle Inspection To Your Doorstep

Having your vehicle checked, apart from routine inspections being part of legal requirements (hire purchase inspection, transfer of ownership, interchange of number plate), it is also good practice for ensuring a safe and well-running vehicle. 

Puspakom, or Pusat Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Berkomputer, has been ramping up its efforts to bring its services to the fore of the people’s mind and making them more accessible to fit the needs and situations of as many as possible. For example, reaching areas where the nearest Puspakom centre is a long drive away.

One of their main endeavors in this regard are their newly rebranded Premier Services arm, which use a fleet of mobile units of varying size, ability and capacity, to reach customers in a more hassle-free way. Despite this, the services offered by Premier Services are identical to those found in Puspakom’s permanent centres.

Depending on your needs, an inspection unit will be dispatched to a location you can specify, whereupon the inspection will take place just as it would if you had gone to a Puspakom centre yourself.

There are three tiers to Premier Services, each with their own capabilities and number of vehicles it can cater to per visit. These include:

Mobile Inspection Unit – MIU

This is the big one, a trailer and truck that can act as a self-contained remote Puspakom inspection centre, perfect for more remote areas or to cater to the large companies that have a fleet of vehicles to inspect such as driving schools, used car dealers, freight companies, and so on. It is also the only one capable of performing remote inspections on heavy and light commercial vehicles over 5 tonnes.

With the inspection service brought to them, a substantial time and cost saving is gained. These MIUs are able to offer Special Inspections (B2), Transfer of Ownership (B5), Hire Purchase Inspection (B7), as well as Routine Inspections such as those mandated of commercial vehicles periodically.

The MIU can handle a vehicle quantity of between 40 to 100 vehicles per visit and, depending on volume, Premier Services would charge RM60 to RM100 per vehicle in addition to the individual inspection charge.

Light Mobile Unit – LMU

Next up in Puspakom’s Premier Services vehicle line-up is their LMU. All the equipment is transported via a trailer, allowing for deployment in even narrow spots.

It folds out too, much like the larger Mobile Inspection Unit trailer. When it does, it is able to handle Special Inspections (B2), Transfer of Ownership (B5), Hire Purchase Inspection (B7), and Routine Inspections.

While that list does sound identical to the MIU, the difference is that the smaller LMU is only equipped to handle inspections of vehicles below 5 tonnes. Additionally, its inspection quantity per visit is smaller, between 5 to 40 units.

Puspakom is targeting these Light Mobile Units to cater to light commercial vehicle owners, used car dealers, car rental companies, and private vehicle owners as well. Premier Services charge, depending on vehicle volume, between RM80 to RM100 per vehicle in addition to individual inspections charges.

Premier Mobile Inspection – PMI

For PMI, or Premier Mobile Inspection, Puspakom intends for these units to exclusively serve private vehicle owners that want the inspection done at a more convenient time and place of their choosing.

The personnel arrive in the van containing all the required tools and apparatus needed to perform Special Inspection (B2), Transfer of Ownership (B5), as well as Auction Inspection.

And while the PMI unit can handle the inspection of more than one vehicle, the minimum required per visit is just one. For the added convenience of a PMI unit, Premier Services charges RM100 for each car and RM50 for each motorcycle, in addition to the individual inspection charges.

Service Coverage

Puspakom has plans in place to expand the number of mobile units under Premier Services. Currently they have 17 vans in total and ready to service customers at a location of their choice. This service is only applicable in Peninsular Malaysia. 

Setting Up An Appointment

Arranging for an appointment is as easy as calling Premier Services’ toll free number at 1-800-222-210 and working out the details of when and where. Additional information can be found at

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