Renault Names Its Upcoming Global SUV Model “Arkana”, World Premiere Next Week

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Renault Names Its Upcoming Global SUV Model “Arkana”, World Premiere Next Week

After teasing the front fascia of its upcoming global SUV model in June, Renault has released the second teaser image of the model, giving us a glimpse at the rear.

Besides that, the French carmaker has also revealed that the SUV will go by the name of “Arkana”, which was derived from the Latin word “arcanum” meaning “secret.”

From what we can see, the Arkana’s rear comes with an integrated spoiler lip and LED taillights which stretch across the rear, similar to the new Megane and Talisman.

The Renault logo and the model name are also placed in the middle, similar to latest Renault models.

Details are still scarce, but what we know is that it will most likely be based on the Renault Kaptur, a Russia-only, longer wheelbase, four-wheel drive version of the Captur compact SUV.

It will be built at Renault’s plant in Moscow and launched in Russia first, with other markets around the globe to follow.

Some sources say that it could be a ‘coupe’ version of the Kaptur, featuring a low-slung roof and sportier visual appearance.

According to Renault, the vehicle which will be revealed at the Moscow Motor Show will still be a ‘show car’ and not the finished production model, though it will be an extremely close preview.

More details are to be revealed closer to its premiere next week.

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