Reports Say Jeremy Clarkson Will Be Fired From The BBC

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Reports Say Jeremy Clarkson Will Be Fired From The BBC

Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension on March 10 from the popular BBC motoring show Top Gear following an altercation between him and one of the show’s producers has come to a head: he will be sacked. 

This ends Clarkson's nearly three decade tenure at the BBC and, according to The Telegraph, Director General of the BBC, Lord Tony Hall, is expected to formally announce this decision on Wednesday, 25th March at their London headquarters. This follows an internal investigation by the broadcaster that concluded the host did indeed attack producer Oisin Tymon after verbally abusing him at a hotel in North Yorkshire after spending the day filming a Top Gear segment.

It’s not clear what will happen following this announcement, both to Clarkson or the popular motoring show he will soon leave behind, but the BBC isn’t keen on dropping one of its most prized assets. There are reports of the broadcaster already making inroads with potential replacements. One of which is BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show host and prolific car collector Chris Evans. While he has publicly stated he has no intention of replacing Clarkson, senior executives have not given up trying to change his mind.

Clarkson’s relationship with the BBC has been on fritz for some time and this most recent clash has spurred them to take serious action. Having said that, even if the BBC does find an appropriate replacement, co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May have elected to side with their ousted colleague and have refused to carry on their roles within Top Gear without Clarkson.

It’s hard to see the show go on without the trio, and the BBC is under pressure to keep one of their most successful shows alive, leading us to wonder just how they plan to carry out this transition as smoothly as they would like it to be.

As well as delivering the Corporation's decision, Lord Hall is expected to give his thanks and express appreciation to Clarkson for being a "brilliant broadcaster" and for transforming Top Gear into the success it is today ever since its reboot in 2002. 

This is disappointing news all around as Top Gear is one of the mainstays in nearly every petrol head’s entertainment schedule. And it’s mainly due to the special brand of humour and tomfoolery that only all three of the hosts provide, together. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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