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Saya anak Malaysia: Meet the Hiperon Fosslin, a Malaysian EV SUV with electric and hydrogen options

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Saya anak Malaysia: Meet the Hiperon Fosslin, a Malaysian EV SUV with electric and hydrogen options

Apparently, there's a U.S based Malaysian company called Hiperon which will unveil its production-ready EV SUV this year.

It's quite rare for to pick up news about a Malaysian automotive company, so when they do, it must mean it's highly newsworthy.

Carscoop, one of the most reputable car portals, recently published some news about Hiperon Motors, a Malaysian automotive startup company making an electric/hydrogen-powered luxury four-door crossover called Fosslin.

Hiperon Fosslin Malaysia

The company, which unveiled a fully electric van in 2021, called Hiperon Carrier, has shifted its attention to the Fosslin, which will apparently be delivered in the third quarter of this year.

Just like how some auto manufacturers contract out the car's design to design companies specialised in car styling, Hiperon Motors also did the same, relying on One One Lab studio, which came up with the design concept.

Hiperon Fosslin Malaysia, rear view

Although it's a Malaysian company, all of the engineering work has taken place in the United States, and whether a physical concept vehicle has been produced is unknown. 

If they have, that's just simply sublime, as the rendering of the Fosslin looks excellent, something maybe we're more accustomed to from big automotive manufacturers. We also can't help but notice that the silhouette does look like one of BMW's coupe-shaped SUVs.

According to Carsccop, the model will measure 4,880 mm long, 1,990 mm wide, and 1,689 mm tall, roughly making it the size of the Tesla Model Y.

Hiperon Fosslin interior

Although we can't seem to find any pictures of the complete interior, Carscoop reckons that the cabin will have four individual seats, just like the BMW X6. Judging by the pictures of the dash, there's a yoke-style steering wheel, a slim centre console with an infotainment system that looks like it's under a single cover.

The company said it should come with a 17-inch OLED screen, but there are no renderings.

Hiperon Fosslin

Hiperon has released some technical details of the EV SUV, but only for the electric version specifications. The SUV will apparently come with a 95 kWh battery pack,  450km of driving range, 480 hp and 670 Nm torque, and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5 seconds. According to the company, it will also have a top speed of 260 km/h.

The scheduled delivery date is in the third quarter of this year, but that's probably for the North American market. However, Hiperon said the vehicle would be made available in Asia and Europe later. 

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