Shell Sanitizes Their Stations And Advocates Social Distancing

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Shell Sanitizes Their Stations And Advocates Social Distancing

Of the list of services that are deemed essential during this MCO, petrol stations are bound to be one of the most frequented as everyone needs to fuel their car up – regardless of how infrequently they are using their vehicles. Shell, like most other petrol brands, has decided to implement a couple of measures to reduce the risk of infection when you’re at that station.

For one, the various touchpoints around a petrol pump are wiped down and disinfected every hour. Granted, that’s not exactly very frequent, but it is better than absolutely nothing. It does raise questions as to how disgusting these touch points can be when you use them day to day, even without the threat of COVID-19.

They have also decided to make all their food items – from their in-house Deli2Go, to their Select in-house items, and even third-party brands – for take-away or delivery only, further minimizing the risk that people come in contact with the virus. That being said, how often do you really sit down at a petrol station for longer than you need to? For most of us it’s grab items, isi minyak while you pay, and hit the road.

Thankfully, this sanitizing regime has also meant that Shell will clean their toilets more regularly – which again is something that we would usually expect from any establishment, but it’s good that an hourly schedule is in place.

Social distancing markers have popped up at all payment points to make sure people aren’t crowding around and potentially infecting each other. This should really be common sense by now but there are still people who manage to aggressively avoid any news or information regarding this MCO.

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