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SPAD On Taxi Drivers: Stop Wasting Time Protesting Uber, GrabCar And Improve Services

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SPAD On Taxi Drivers: Stop Wasting Time Protesting Uber, GrabCar And Improve Services

The ongoing conflict involving taxi drivers has, so far, not seeing much by way of long-term resolution. And the Land Public Transport Commission is torn between outright banning or regulating the ride-sharing services that are causing the cabbie’s discontent. 

According to an SPAD spokesperson who was contacted by the New Straits Times: "Taxi drivers must find ways to improve their services such as providing a comfortable ride, be friendly and use a fare meter. Taxi drivers must understand that it is they who opened up the opportunity for alternative ride services to rise because of their poor services to passengers,"

Taxi drivers who took to violent actions and intimidation tactics - such as targeting ride-sharing vehicles from Uber and GrabCar around KLCC last week – were only serving to further tarnish their own image.

"Not only their action is against the law, but they also have just created a negative perception to public with their gangster-like attitude. We don't encourage taxi drivers to take matters to their own hands as they don't have a legal right to do so. Each action taken must be according to the law and everyone must respect the law."

In speaking of the action taken by SPAD against Uber and GrabCar drivers, the spokesperson pointed out that they have seized 132 cars since October 2014 until September 2015. Within that figure, the split stood at 89 cars belonging to GrabCar drivers and the remaining 43 cars to Uber drivers.

Those caught providing illegal ride-sharing services, in addition to having their cars seized by the commission, can be handed a fine of up to RM10,000 and/or a year in prison under section 16 of the Land Public Transport Act 2010. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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