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SPAD: Think Before Supporting Uber

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SPAD: Think Before Supporting Uber

Following the creation of the ‘Save Uber Malaysia’ petition, Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) Chairman, Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, today restated that the ride sharing service must be opposed because it was operating without the necessary licences when ferrying passengers.

Speaking to The Rakyat Post, Syed Hamid said the illegal taxi service would invite complications in the future if passengers were using it and faced unwanted incidents like accidents.

“If there is a petition to allow Uber in Malaysia, it means you are not doing them any favour by wanting privately-owned vehicles to become taxis. Therefore, you are asking for a regime where taxis do not need licences. But if that is what the public wants, then the government will deem it appropriate to not require licences to carry passengers,” he said.

He added, “So, if an accident or something else happens due to the demand for private vehicles, then that would be fine.” Uber's lack of a public liability insurance is a cause for concern for passengers should the vehicle they are riding in do get into an accident.

Aspects such safety and passengers assurance must be considered carefully when using such a service and thus, Syed Hamid urges the public to reconsider their support for the petition, which was posted on At the time of publishing, the petition has garnered over 4,000 supporters.

In recent days, the SPAD has been coming down hard on ride sharing services like Uber and GrabCar, with vehicles used to provide such services being seized and preventing vehicle owners who are caught offering such services from renewing their vehicles’ road tax.


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