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Spoon Saves The EG6 By Making New Parts For It


Spoon Saves The EG6 By Making New Parts For It

The recent news that Honda will stop making the current Honda Civic sedan for the Japanese market is quite a shocker if you base it on its popularity here in Malaysia.

But numbers don't lie as for the last fiscal year, which only just ended, only 1,619 units were sold domestically In Japan.

Civic Sedan

Civic sedans traditionally never sold well in Japan anyways, and we think the problem with the Civic sedan is that, well... it's a sedan. On top of losing out to crossovers, it is also fighting hard against more popular Civic body shapes like the mini station wagons, we all call hatchbacks. 

Spoon Sport EG6

Speaking of hatchbacks, one of the most iconic Civics ever made was a hatchback and thanks to legendry Honda tuner, Spoon, the 28-year-old car which basically propelled the Honda tuner world in the nineties has just been given another lifeline.

Honda Civic EG6

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the 5th generation Civic or more commonly know as the EG or Dolphin in Malaysia can now get some new body parts thanks to Spoon. Initially sold as an economy car, it had all the potential to be something special thanks to some amazing engineering from Honda, which included a clamshell tailgate, race derived engine and that oh so sweet double-wishbone trailing arm four-wheel independent suspension.

Finding mechanical bits was never a problem with the 28-year-old EG, but body parts were proving difficult to source. It is, after all, a 28-year-old car so it's no surprise that good body parts are scarce, but fear no more as Spoon Sports are bringing out a "Timeless Collection" Line Of EG Honda Civic Parts.

This must be a godsend for Civic builders as they can finally match that perfectly built engine and suspension setup with immaculate body parts. While some have gone the aftermarket route with imaginative replacement and fixes, no OEM parts were available for anyone that wanted to restore the EG.  

Spoon EG6 bumper

Initially, Spoon will only produce the front bumper and fender parts made out of FRP. While the bumper will be made to have the exact same dimensions as the original parts, the fenders will be slightly tweaked to be 9mm wider to allow some extra wheel clearance - genius!!

Spoon EG6 fenders

The parts are a result of Spoon Sport's work with American JDM car restorers, Built By Legends, who have spent nights and days with Spoon building an Ultimate Civic EG6. 

The parts will be available by the end of the year but you will need to shell out a pretty penny for them. The bumper will cost around RM6,762 while the fenders will set you back RM5,757. Let us know if you do opt for it, we'd love to check your car out.  

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