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The 5-Door Suzuki Jimny Will Debut in Early 2023

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The 5-Door Suzuki Jimny Will Debut in Early 2023

It has been said that the Jimny 5-door will make its debut early next year, and boy, we can't wait to see it!

It's pretty safe to say that the 4th-Gen Jimny has been a runaway success, and it seems that Suzuki is not about to let that momentum die as they are about to introduce more doors to the new generation Jimny in the hope that a more practical vehicle will get them more fans.

Rumours have been circulating about a new-gen 5-door Jimny for ages now, but it wasn't until the recent spotting of a mule car in India that has given fans goosebumps.

2023 Suzuki Jimny 5 door

The car was seen in full camouflage, but there's no mistaking that the Jimny has grown longer and now sports two extra doors at the rear. According to Autocar India, the Jimny might even be hiding a facelifted front fascia, and they reckon they will introduce it in conjunction with the debut of the 5-door Jimny.

How near? Well, according to Autocar India, the long-wheelbase Jimny will make its debut at the 2023 Indian Auto Expo early next year, and will go on sale shortly after. 

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door

The model spotted in India was also a right-hand drive model, which means we have every right to be excited about its appearance. Until now, the made-in-India Jimny was only manufactured in left-hand drive, but this RHD model would mean that we do not have to rely on Suzuki Japan for the Jimny.

The Indian publication also speculated that the longer Jimny would be equipped with Suzuki's new K15C 1.5-litre DualJet engine, which offers a power bump and better fuel economy over the current K15B power plant.

While there might not be a lot of changes inside, we can of course expect more space at the rear as well as the boot, ready for those who need a practical and fun little 4x4 which can squeeze through tight city streets as well as handle the rough stuff.

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