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The Aceman will be the first MINI to be built in Germany

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The Aceman will be the first MINI to be built in Germany

The MINI Aceman is being spotted more frequently now, but this is the first time you can see it on video.

When we managed to get our hands on MINI's all-electric vehicle, the MINI SE, we were thoroughly impressed with MINI's interpretation of an electric vehicle.

Yes, it might not have a lot of driving range, but as far as fun in an electric vehicle goes, the MINI SE is probably the most enjoyable EV we have ever sampled.

That MINI EV fun left a lingering taste in our mouths, so naturally any news to do with MINI EVs gets us excited.

MINI Aceman 2023

MINI is on the verge of unveiling their next EV, dubbed the Aceman, and apparently MINI's fully electric future will start this year along with it.

The MINI Aceman is basically a fully electrified version of the MINI Countryman, and its significance is so important BMW group has decided to make it closer to home. This will be the first time that a MINI model is produced entirely in Germany. 

MINI Aceman rear view

The locally emission-free all-rounder is an excellent fit for the BMW Group's sustainable production site in Leipzig, one of the most modern and sustainable automotive factories in the world. 

The new MINI Countryman EV comes off the production line in Leipzig together with the BMW 1 Series, BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé and BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. This makes the location the first plant at which vehicles of the BMW and MINI brands are manufactured together.

There have been many sightings of the MINI Aceman recently, suggesting that it's nearly ready for an unveiling, but the capture of the EV on video by Car Spy Media is the closest thing yet to seeing the MINI in action.

There's still no details about its powertrain, so for now, we are only deduced to its exterior look, which tells us that the Aceman will probably not stray far away from the Countryman's DNA. 

The Charismatic Simplicity design language definitely adheres to the brand's traditional looks, which means prominent headlights and short overhangs.

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