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Next-gen Toyota Hilux to look like the mighty Tacoma?

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Next-gen Toyota Hilux to look like the mighty Tacoma?

Time to get excited because the next-gen Toyota Hilux and Fortuner will potentially look like their handsome Tacoma and 4Runner counterparts.

Beauty is subjective and depends on personal preference, but in our opionin, American pickup trucks look way better than the pickups we get here in Asia. 

American pickup trucks are known for having bold, imposing designs, with large grills and distinctive body lines. These design elements have become synonymous with American pickup trucks and are part of what gives them their unique appearance.

Toyota Hilux Tacoma patentPicture credit: Motor1

So when Toyota announced that they would streamline four of its most popular 4x4/SUV models by utilising its TNGA chassis architecture, we got excited as there's a possibility that the next generation Hilux will probably look like its American counterpart, the famous Toyota Tacoma.

According to a report from US publication Motor Trend, the next-generation Hilux and its Fortuner brother will share the TNGA modular platform with the Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner SUV. 

Toyota Fortuner 4Runner

It's unclear whether the trucks and SUVs will be built on a unibody or body-on-frame design as Toyota's TNGA platforms can be had in either, but sharing a platform with the Tacoma and 4Runner is just music to the ears as potentially, they might look the same. 

One of the most American-looking pickup trucks available on the market is the Ford Ranger which now looks like its F-150 brother, and look how well it has been received since its debut here locally last year.

Toyota trucks don't get updated often, but when they do, it's always a big change - and to be honest, this is the change we are looking forward to the most. 

If Toyota pulls this off, we can't see why anybody would go with any other pickup trucks, as the TNGA platform should address some of the current Hilux's imperfections, especially regarding rear passsenger comfort and exterior styling.

Toyota Hilux TacomaPicture credit: Motor1

However, don't expect the models to come anytime soon, as the earliest we can expect to see more from this rejigging is probably early next year, with model debuts in 2025.

Till then we are only left with some design patent registration from Brazil of the new Toyota Tacoma, which was reported by recently.

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