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The Volkswagen Kombi Is Back - With An Upgrade!

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The Volkswagen Kombi Is Back - With An Upgrade!

The Volkswagen Kombi or more appropriately 2024 ID.Buzz has been spotted for the first time in its production body.

The original Volkswagen Kombi/ Transporter Van (officially known as the Volkswagen Type 2) is one of the most iconic cars the world over. Since its inception back in 1949, it has won many hearts over with its innocent looks, practicality and affordability.

Volkswagen Kombi

Volkswagen has had six generations of the Kombi, and although most of them have been well received, none have managed to recapture the original charm of the original type 2 - until now.

YouTube channel, CarSpyMedia has just released a video of VW's next-generation people mover, the 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz. It is the first time anyone has managed to catch the electric-powered people mover in its production body - with previous sightings seeing it using a Transporter body on top of its electric powertrain.

VW ID.Buzz front

While the body looks like a panel van production model, the shape and concept are pretty much there, taking styling inspiration from the original Volkswagen Kombi by adopting the iconic van's V-shaped front-end as well as the two-tone body.

VW ID.Buzz

While the side and front end design are pretty much visible, the rear still has some camouflage around the taillights, but it has that typical VW taillight cluster design of late.

Powertrain information is still scarce, but it is well known that the 2024 ID.Buzz will be sitting on VW's MEB modular platform, accommodating many different electric powertrains, including 150kW electric motors and a 77kWh battery with 400km of range.

VW MEB Platform

It's been suggested that the vehicle would go into production in the next couple of years, with autonomous driving technology to be introduced in 2025.

The concept version of the ID.Buzz that debuted a few years ago, was heavily influenced by the iconic VW Kombi. We all knew it was never going to look like that, but this version of the 2024 ID.Buzz does tick all the right boxes. 

VW ID.Buzz Concept

With the new generation of electric vehicles on the way, it seems like VW are trying their utmost to capture some of the charms from its iconic cars but albeit in BEV form. 

Beetle concept

All we need now is an ID.Bettle to complete the electric-powered reboot crew. 

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