Thinking of A Weekend Escape for Valentine's Day?

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Thinking of A Weekend Escape for Valentine's Day?

What could be a better time to declare your love than on Valentine's Day. The auspicious day may come annually, but being with the person you love can make every day a Valentine's Day. 

With the long festive holiday just passed, a far away vacation for two might not be a good option. However, in LiveLifeDrive a long journey to spend a great Valentine's Day is never an issue for us.  

Take a drive up north to the limestones hub of Malaysia, Ipoh. The beautiful scenic drive could be a great time for love birds to rekindle some romance. While strolling around the small town, surprise that special someone with a romantic dinner in Jeff Cellar located inside of the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat. Nestled within a cave, the restaurant holds numerous brands of wine in its one of a kind wine bar. 

Another hot spot for a casual couple's retreat is the notable Blue Mansion in Penang. Located in the heart of George Town, the striking blue building was built in the 1880s by a merchant named Cheong Fatt Tze. Awarded by UNESCO for Most Excellent' Heritage Conservation, the blue color of the mansion was a result of mixing lime and natural blue dye made from the Indigo plant. 

Now serving as a boutique hotel, those who are in love can travel back in time during their stay with the Blue Mansion.

As the weekend draws closer to the end, traveling may be a hassle for some. Plan for a city escape at Tamarind Springs, located in the suburbs of Ampang. Quietly tucked away in the lush greenery of nature, have a romantic candlelight dinner for two at the restaurant. The Tamarind Springs is known for its delicious traditional Indochinese styled cuisines. 

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