This Is Not A Volvo Ad, It’s A Beautiful Story

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This Is Not A Volvo Ad, It’s A Beautiful Story

Compared to its German peers, Volvo Car is like a middleweight fighter that’s been thrown into the ring to spar with heavyweight champs. Last year, the Volvo Car Group sold about 530,000 cars globally. That pales in comparison with the gargantuan BMW Group’s 2.4 million cars, Mercedes-Benz’s 2.2 million cars, and Audi’s 1.9 million.

This also means that Volvo needs to be smarter in how it uses its resources, as Volvo Car's marketing budget don’t have as many zeroes as its German peers. They need to be a lot more creative to deliver a greater impact with less.

Volvo Car’s latest short film to promote the all-new XC60 is titled ‘Moments,’ and it certainly tugs our hearts.

The film follows a young girl’s journey to her first day at a new school and shows a glimpse of what life holds for her in the coming years – growing up, travelling the world, settling down and raising a family.

Another story running in parallel to her's is that of a sleep deprived working adult struggling to get through her day. She is late for work, her boss is on the phone (on a handsfree Bluetooth), she was momentarily distracted when her cup of coffee spilled, right at the moment the young girl heading to her first day of school steps off the pavement.

Autonomous emergency braking is nothing new, but the ones used by many manufacturers can only detect vehicles and large animals, and are less effective against pedestrians and cyclists.

Volvo’s City Safety however, is capable of detecting a child as well as cyclists. In the all-new XC60, it also adds ‘steering support’ and ‘oncoming lane mitigation’ which in simple words, helps the driver to apply appropriate steering angle to avoid a collision, while taking into considerations on-coming traffic in the opposite lane.

The five-seater all-new XC60 has just been launched in Europe. It will be progressively launched in other markets worldwide by the end of this year. 

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