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Tokyo 2015: Honda Civic Type R Makes Appearance, Limited To 750 Units In Japan

Jim Kem October 28, 2015 11:42

To say that we’ve heard a lot about the new 4th generation Honda Civic Type R (FK2) would be a fairly accurate understatement. Not just from us, mind you, but from a large swath of the global motoring media that’s just been swooning over it since its launch.

Honda has graced the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show with its presence too, shown here in a colour we affectionately call ‘white hot’. While we’re patiently waiting for a proper Malaysian debut for the car, the marque’s native market of Japan is gearing up for theirs.

When it does reach Japanese showrooms, only 750 units will be made available to customers. And they would need to pony up 4.28 million Yen for the privilege of owning one, which works out to roughly RM152k before our tax and other charges kick in.

All-in-all, not a bad deal when factoring in how capable this car is and just how menacing it looks on the road – especially for being a small Japanese hatch. 

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