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Tokyo 2017: Lexus LS+ Concept – A Glimpse At Lexus’ Future Flagship Sedan

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Tokyo 2017: Lexus LS+ Concept – A Glimpse At Lexus’ Future Flagship Sedan

In an effort to give the world a preview of its future autonomous driving technology, Lexus took the wraps off the LS+ Concept at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show last week. Although Lexus is quite late to join the 'festivities' as other brands like Hyundai have already teased their second self-driving car, the concept you're looking at now is still on track to catch up with the rest.

All set to be the brand’s flagship sedan once it enters production in 2020, the LS+ Concept’s main highlight is the ‘Highway Teammate’ feature which pretty much takes care of the driving on highways ‘from the entrance ramp to the exit ramp’ as claimed by Lexus.

The highway teammate system is essentially an active cruise control system with added tech that will offer more autonomous options to the driver like changing lanes, maintaining distance with vehicles in front, and slowing down without driver interference.

Lexus also announced that it is planning a cloud-like data centre system where the LS+ Concept will communicate to update its systems’ software, with periodic updates being flashed online.

Technology aside, the LS+ Concept is a handsome looking sedan, featuring a bold and futuristic front end comprising a redesigned spindle grille, generous dose of LED in the rear, large chromed alloy wheels, as well as cameras instead of side mirrors. The interior has not been revealed yet. 

Gallery: Lexus LS+ Concept

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