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Tokyo 2017: Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept - Next Generation Evo Is An Electric SUV!

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Tokyo 2017: Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept - Next Generation Evo Is An Electric SUV!

Perhaps one of the more exciting highlights of the ongoing 2017 Tokyo Motorshow is the world debut of the Mitsubishi e-Evolution (e-Evo) Concept – an all-electric high-performance SUV that embodies the company’s renewed ambition to develop fun and desirable products.  

Dubbed a ‘technical prototype’, the e-Evo illustrates the development directions the marque’s new products and incorporates the strengths of SUV, EV, and the latest connected mobility systems.

The e-Evo concept uses three high-torque electric motors, fed by a high-capacity battery system to deliver the smooth and responsive performance. The drive battery is mounted under the floor at the midspan of the vehicle, to provide a low centre of gravity.

The e-Evo calls on Mitsubishi’s rich expertise with all-wheel drive technology - the triple motor 4WD system employs a single motor to drive the front wheels and two motors to power the rear wheels.

The rear motors are augmented by a new ‘Dual Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC)’ system that couples the two rear motors through an electronically controlled torque-vectoring AYC unit.

All of this is integrated into MMC's unique Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) vehicle dynamic control system for enhanced traction.

The e-Evo also employs electric brake calipers in place of the conventional hydraulic calipers and is claimed to offer instantaneous response even at low speeds.

Mitsubishi claim that the e-Evo will be controlled by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that uses an array of sensors allows the AI system to instantly read changes in road and traffic conditions monitors and modulate its responses against the driver’s input.

The AI system even has a special coaching function that allows the AI system to teach the driver, after building a building a picture of the driver's skill level and constructing a training program that provides advice through voice dialogue and a large dashboard display.

The e-Evo’s AI system works through an integrated system of AI, connectivity, onboard connectivity and cloud computing.

Visually, the e-Evo provides the latest take on Mistubishi’s archetypal ‘Dynamic Shield’ design langauge. The e-Evo’s black grille is shielded under glass, to hint at the SUV’s EV credentials and protect the vehicle’s array of cameras and sensors. Large air intakes are located beneath the headlamps, to cool the electric brake calipers. 

Along the flanks, pronounced body lines are complemented by huge tyres and wheels to convey the car’s AWD ability and sporting intent. At the rear, the large hexagon shape at the rear draws inspiration from the spare tire cover of the storied Mitsubishi Pajero.

On the inside, a large ‘floating’ flat screen spans the full width of the dashboard. It displays outside conditions, navigation and coaching information. The large screen is flanked by two smaller screens, showing images from front and rear cameras. Full-glass windows provide near unobstructed view out for the passengers.  

Gallery: Tokyo 2017: Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept - Next Generation Evo Is An Electric SUV!

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