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Top 10 Funny Malaysian Car Nicknames


Top 10 Funny Malaysian Car Nicknames

Having a nickname is like having a belly – Most of us have one. Be it one of the common ones like “Bob”, “Panjang”, and “Kecik”, or some unique ones, we all know someone with a nickname.

According to the dictionary, a nickname is usually an informal name that is used to show affection or to easily identify someone based on a particular characteristic of the person.

However, nicknames are not only for human beings but also objects, which of course, include cars.

There are many cars out there with pretty cool nicknames, but what we’re going to focus on now is on the funny local ones.

Although the origins of most of these nicknames remain unknown, they have gained popularity nationwide, and have been accepted and recognized by the people.

That being said, lets jump straight into the list:

1) 1995 Proton Wira 1.8 EXi DOHC Special Edition aka Proton Wira “Tiang Gol”

Since there were like 10 different variations of the Proton Wira, the easiest way of identifying the 1995 Wira 1.8 EXi DOHC Special Edition, which was arguably the most gempak version of all the other Wiras, was through its football goal post-like rear spoiler.

2) 1972 1st-gen Honda Civic aka Honda Civic “Bulat” / “Telur

The Honda Civic is definitely the car with the most nicknames in Malaysia, as the model name has not changed since day 1, requiring the masses to come up with various nicknames to distinguish between one generation with another. 

Hence, it is no surprise that the 1st gen Civic here, due to its rounded silhouette, got the nickname "Civic Bulat"/ "Civic Telur".

3) 1983 3rd-gen Honda Civic aka Honda Civic “Mayat

This is a tricky one. While some say that the nickname "Mayat" actually refers to the 3rd gen Civic due to its flat rear end which resembles a hearse, some say that it is the 4th gen Civic for the same reason.

Even though the origin remains a mystery and the debate is still ongoing in many mamaks, forums and WhatsApp groups, both the variants are widely referred to as the "Mayat" until today. 

4) 1995 5th-gen Honda Civic aka Honda Civic “Dolphin”

Another year, another Civic. This time, the 5th generation Civic EG had a rather smooth and fluid silhouette, somewhat resembling a fish. Also, the smooth front fascia which doesn't have a traditional grille opening somewhat resembles the "beak" of a dolphin, we think.

While it's open to debate how similar it looks to a Dolphin, the name has stuck to the model ever since.

5) 2015 10th-gen Honda Civic aka Honda Civic “Ketam

No, we are not done with the Civic yet. After skipping a few generations, the model has once again gotten a nickname - the "Civic Ketam", referring to the design of the taillights which resemble crab claws.

6) 1994 5th gen Honda Accord aka Honda Accord “Jerung

Dolphin and Ketam aside, here is another Honda model that resembles a sea creature. Since the 5th-gen Accord here somewhat looks likes a shark due to the sharp front-end, the name "Accord Jerung" was born. Similar to the Civic, the Accord nomenclature has not changed along the way, resulting in this nickname. 

7) 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Ninja aka "Land Cruiser Ninja Turtle"

The Toyota Land Cruiser 80 came out at a time when the Ninja Turtle cartoon took over the world. Since the model was called the Land Cruiser Ninja in Malaysia, and some of them came with a spare tyre cover which resembled the back of a Ninja Turtle character, the name "Land Cruiser Ninja Turtle" was born. 

8) 1978 2nd-gen Toyota Starlet aka "Starlet Kambing

Another car, another animal. We tried asking around, and not many people know why the 2nd-gen Toyota Starlet was called the "Kambing". One theory is that the hood-mounted side mirrors and the design of the Starlet's front fascia resembles the face of a goat (really?), which explains the name. Do you know the origin? Let us know below!

9) 1989 3rd-gen Ford Laser TX3 “Sampan

This was THE car to have in the early 1990s, known for its performance and also the sporty design. However, since there were a vew different variations of the Laser, it was only a matter of time before the 3rd-gen model got a nickname. This time, since it looked like a boat to a few people, it was given the name "Ford Sampan".

10) 2nd-gen Toyota Vios "Dugong"

Do we even have to say anything here? Just look at it.  

So, there you have it - some of the cool and funny Malaysian car nicknames which we could think of!

Did we miss out anything or get any of the facts wrong? Let us know! 

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