Toyota prices updated for 2023 - UP by RM2k-RM10k

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Toyota prices updated for 2023 - UP by RM2k-RM10k

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has updated its pricing for 2023 which saw a price increase for some of its model offerings.

The models are the Toyota Corolla Altis, Camry, Corolla Cross (hybrid model included), as well as the Hilux pickup truck. The price hike ranges between RM2,000 all the way up to RM10,000 for selected models (prices mentioned are OTR without insurance).

On the plus side, models like the Harrier, Rush, Vios, Yaris, Veloz, Innova, and Fortuner are not affected by these new 2023 prices.

Toyota Corolla Altis & Camry up from RM4k-RM10k

toyota corolla altis 2023 price malaysia

The biggest increase has to be our favourite D-Segment sedan (at least, for this particular writer), the Toyota Camry. Compared to the prices set by UMW Toyota back in July 2022 following to re-implementation of the Sales and Service Tax (SST), the Camry is now priced at RM219,800 - RM10,000 more compared to July 2022.

If you prefer the slightly smaller Corolla Altis, the 2023 prices are up by RM4,000. From 3 January 2023 onwards, the Corolla Altis can be yours from RM134,888 to RM145,888 - a slight increase compared to July 2022 when it was priced from RM130,888 to RM141,888.

Harga Corolla Cross & Hilux also naik around RM2k-RM3k

toyota corolla cross 2023 price malaysia

The Toyota Corolla Cross range was prosperous at the 2022 People's Choice Award Car Of The Year (COTY) where it took home the awards under the C-Segment SUV (RM100k-RM150k) as well as the Urban Car of the Year for the Corolla Cross Hybrid.

The price increase is not as high compared to the Camry and Corolla Altis with its new 2023 prices set from RM130,400 to RM142,000 - a milder RM2k-3k increase compared to its July 2022 prices (RM128,303 to RM139,991).

The Toyota Hilux is also up by RM3,000 with new 2023 prices starting from RM98,880 to RM152,880. The post-SST implementation prices back in July 2022 were between RM95,880 to RM149,880.


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