This Toyota Supra From The First-Ever Fast And Furious Movie Is Going Up For Auction

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This Toyota Supra From The First-Ever Fast And Furious Movie Is Going Up For Auction

Now here’s a piece of movie memorabilia that anyone would be proud to own. What you see here is a 1993 Toyota Supra stunt car that Paul Walker (playing the character Brian O’ Conner) drove in 2001’s The Fast and the Furious. Best part is, this very car is going up for auction next month at Mecum Auctions’ 28th Original Spring Classic 2015 event.

Yes, this is the very car that was used throughout the movie, including in the final race scene where Paul races Vin Diesel aka Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Charger. Here’s a refresher:

The car is built by Eddie Paul at The Shark Shop in El Segundo, California. Being a stunt car, it was featured heavily throughout the movie and had to be fitted with stunt suspension and a roll cage to handle all the action.

To look the part, the Supra is fitted with an APR wing, Bomex body kit, Dazz wheels wrapped in Yokohama tyres, Roadboy foglights, and Modern Image decal graphics. The interior also receives some modifications with a Sparco steering wheel and bright blue seats inside. 

Sadly, those dual NOS/Holley Performance nitrous oxide bottles in the trunk aren’t attached to anything and serve purely as a visual spectacle.

Under the hood, a 2JZ-GE 3.0-litre in-ine six-cylinder engine produces 220hp, mated to a five-speed manual transmission so you can relive all the gear-shifting sequences from the movie. Whether that’s enough to take on a Ferrari 355 Spyder like in the movie, we’re not sure.

If you’re interested, Mecum Auctions’ 28th Original Spring Classic 2015 is where you’ll need to be from May 12 to 17. The vehicle is currently listed on


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