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Toyota Teases The Supra's Aural Excellence

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Toyota Teases The Supra's Aural Excellence

By now, the broad strokes of Toyota's all-new Supra are pretty much well known. A chassis shared with the BMW Z4 but developed in isolation, and powertrains based on what BMW offers in their various models, as well as the possibility of a manual option that the Z4 does not have available as of yet.

But despite the spy shots and random clips across the internet, we haven't really had a solid listen to how the new Supra sounds. A big part of the driving experience is the noise involved, as many manufacturers will go so far as to introduce artificial noise, or to amplify engine bay noise in order to make the driving experience more exciting.

Toyota has released perhaps one final teaser video of the Supra before its launch, this time showcasing the noise of the glorious turbo straight-six that powers the higher-spec Supra. The video is rife with rorty induction noise, sharp gearshifts, and pops and crackles on overrun that make it sound like a true-blue sports car. Click play and enjoy.

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