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Tyreplus - More Than Just Tyres!

With Chinese New Year just around the corner and with no more movement restriction orders in place this year, it is time to once again celebrate with family and friends. Have you made plans to balik kampung? Are your ang pau packets ready? Is your car ready?

TyrePlus check your car before a road trip

Any journey, especially a long one on the road should be preceded by a health check for your car, no one wants to be stranded by the side of the highway with a broken-down vehicle. So make an appointment today at Tyreplus, With a track record spanning 10 years and a presence in over 22 countries, these numbers are only some of the reasons why Tyreplus should also be your trusted car maintenance provider. 

So what can you do at Tyreplus? 

Well, besides the obvious shopping for new Michelin tyres, if you’re looking for some new rubber, (look at their Pilot Sport range) you can also conduct:

  • Fitting - Installation and balancing

  • Pre-check

  • Battery

  • Brakes

  • Oil Change 

a. Installation and balancing - once you’ve picked your Michelin or BF Goodrich tyre of choice, it is imperative that these four donuts are installed and balanced properly on your vehicle. Qualified technicians with the right equipment - is why Tyreplus stands out in this regard. 

TyrePlus alignment and balancing

b. Pre-check - now how many of your regular mechanics perform a pre-check of your vehicle when you send it in for an issue? Let me paint a scenario for you; you drive into your mechanics workshop, you say your car is overheating, your mechanic checks the car, informs you of the fix, repairs it if you agree to the pricing and then you drive away, hopefully, problem solved. 

TyrePlus pre-check before balik kampung

But what about the other wear and tear components of the car that may be due soon for a replacement? Let’s be honest, how many of us are ‘that’ in tune with our car that we know/ can feel a component/ a part needs to be replaced/ repaired soon? This is why it is important that a pre-check of your vehicle is first done to assess other problem areas that may also require attention before it breaks. 

TyrePlus battery check

c. Battery - how many times has your battery died on you? It happens to the best of us. So before you get on the highway this CNY, get your battery checked and replaced if need be. Tyreplus lists Bosch as one of its partners so if your battery does need replacing then you’re in the best hands. 

d. Brakes - How many metres does it take your car to come to a complete stop from 100km/h? Do you know? When was the last time you got your brake pads checked? Brake fluid? Brake balance? 

Noise, steering wheel vibration, increased stopping distance and your car diverting to one side when applying the brakes are all telltale signs that your brakes need looking at. So please, before you hit the road, first drive to Tyreplus, let the qualified technicians there check your brakes before you start driving back to Penang. 

TyrePlus oil change

e. Oil change - the quintessential service component that most of us know about and pay attention to so good on you! At Tyreplus, they count TOTAL as an official partner so when you drive into any of their workshops for an oil change, you know you’re getting the best and most advanced engine oil in your car from one of the world’s leading suppliers. 

TyrePlus outlet to check your car

So head on online or get on Facebook, search for the nearest Tyreplus closest to your home, book an appointment, even get a quotation online and give your car a thorough once-over before you get on the highway to balik kampung for CNY or even go on holiday! 

Also since it’s CNY, Tyreplus is currently having a promotion on Michelin tyres, where you get cashback for purchasing two or more selected Michelin tyres. Find out more about the ongoing promotion here

Stay safe on the roads Malaysia. 

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