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VIDEO: Audi Invites Us To Suspend Reality In Its Newest TT Promo

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VIDEO: Audi Invites Us To Suspend Reality In Its Newest TT Promo

Audi is pretty proud of its new TT and asks us to leave our imagination open to its driving experience, akin to the mind of a child (as the video shows). 

We’re hard pressed to think any car-person who hasn’t pushed along their toy along the carpet pretending it was a race track or off the couch armrest imagining it to be a cliff in some thrilling action movie. Audi wants to realize that, and perhaps reacquaint us with the kid inside all of us.

The promo video was shot almost entirely using a photographic technique called ‘tilt-shift’ to selectively focus on specific portions of a scene to give the effect of miniature surroundings derived from full-size objects and locations.

Very cool effect, especially given the idea that the viewer is seeing what the mind of a child’s eye would see.

The TT zips around dirt roads, ocean cliffs, misty forests, urban jungles, and even dangling from a helicopter. Overall, it’s a very impressive 90 seconds to watch – even if its purpose is purely promotional. 


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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