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VIDEO: Biker Keeps His Cool After Getting Whacked From Behind, Checks If Driver Is Alright

Gerard March 6, 2015 12:15

We can’t always predict when an accident will occur whilst we’re on the road. However, we can, at the best of times, control how we react to it. This video, which was shot by using a helmet-mounted camera, of a motorcyclist being rear-ended by car, clearly demonstrates the classy cool of one man in such times.

The motorcyclist in this video is Matthew Sant, who was travelling around Canberrra, Australia in an 80 km/h zone. Mr. Sant soon noticed that traffic was building up ahead of him and came to a stop. He was even considerate enough to check his mirror and moved to the right of the road just in case the car behind him wasn’t paying attention.

Thankfully, the person did and Mr. Sant waited for his chance to move. Little did he know that three cars back, another driver did not stop in time, causing a pile-up that ended with Matthew’s motorcycle being hit, sending him to the ground.

Unhurt, Matthew got up and checked the condition of his bike that was now wedged against the car behind him. Now, having done nothing wrong, you’d think he would really want to give a piece of his mind or more, if he were Malaysian, to those that got him into this situation. Instead, calmly, he checks on the other drivers to make sure that no one was hurt and even introduced himself to the other drivers, rather than going mental on them.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? If we all could only replicate the patience and calm-under-pressure attitude of Mr Sant, Malaysian roads ought to be a whole lot safer to drive on.

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